What is Jasper Vault?


Jasper Vault is a peer-to-peer interoperable options protocol to drive options for the 99%, making DeFi options intuitive, simple and safe. With the protocol's innovative application of Account Abstraction (AA) technology, Program Derived Addresses (PDAs), and Atomic Swaps via Hash Time-Lock Contract (HTLC), the protocol enables peer-to-peer trading and interoperability between wallets on different chains.

Jasper Vault offers three trading modes:

Degen Options is the 0DTE At-The-Money European options on ETH and WBTC, offering an alternative to perpetual trades. Users don’t have to worry about being liquidated by scam wicks.

Swap Options is the At-The-Money American Options with physically settled swap.

Jasper Pro is the Options marketplace designed for advanced traders where they can buy and sell options peer-to-peer.

Platform Advantages

For Option Buyers

  • Trade options with NO Scam Wick

  • Trade swaps via physical delivery of options

  • Trade options in intuitive and beginner-friendly mode

For Option Sellers

  • Peer-to-pool-to-peer model without counterparty risk via Jasper Vault’s Defi Options Vault (DOV)

  • Earn additional option protocol fees from trading on Jasper Pro

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