Expiration and Settlement

Swap Options positions utilize American settlement, which means positions can be settled any time within the tenure of the option. After settlement, all profits can be seen in the Asset Tab.

How does Swap Options differ from Uniswap v2 from an options buyer's perspective?

Uniswap v2 only allows users to conduct a spot swap of assets at that point in time. On the other hand, Swap Options allows users to lock up the value of the underlying asset for an 8-hour time frame, similar to purchasing an at-the-money call or put option on the underlying, while giving users the choice the right to swap their assets any time within this 8-hour time frame.

What is your max loss?

Since options give you the right, but not the obligation to buy or sell, the most you will ever lose is the option protocol fee that you initially paid.

What is your max upside?

If the position expires In-the-money(ITM), your max upside is unlimited less the options protocol fee.

Is there a risk of losing funds during the swapping process?

Swap Options minimizes the risk of fund loss through its enablement of smart contract-to-smart contract trading. Funds are only released upon confirmation of deposits from both parties, ensuring that the swap is executed as agreed upon.

Can fiat currency be exchanged on Swap Options?

No,. Swap Options exclusively supports crypto-to-crypto exchanges and does not facilitate fiat currency transactions. Users looking to convert fiat currency into cryptocurrency or vice versa must utilize other platforms or services.

What future developments are planned for Swap Options?

In the near future, Jasper Vault aims to expand Swap Options' cryptocurrency pair offerings to include liquid staking/re-staking tokens like stETH, fraxETH, eETH, and BTC L2 tokens such as mBTC, dlcBTC. We will also introduce new features to enhance user experience and functionality. Users can stay informed about upcoming updates and developments through official announcements and communication channels provided by Jasper Vault.

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