User Guide

  • First, connect your wallet.

  • Transfer USDT and a small amount of ETH from your decentralized wallet to your special Account Abstraction (AA) Vault.

  • USDT is our accepted options premiums currency.

  • ETH will be used as gas.

  • Your AA Vault will enable you to trade options in a peer-to-peer manner, ensuring zero counterparty risk.

  • Once you see this, you are now ready to buy options using USDT as premiums.

  • Next, back in this main page, click on the topmost dropdown button to reveal the Select Options page.

Here, you can select:

  • The token you’d like to make a price prediction on (ETH, WBTC, ARB, etc.),and the duration of your trade (2H, 4H, 8H, 12H, 24H)

  • Expanding on the next banner will reveal a Trading View price chart.

  • This Trading View integrated price chart will help you make an informed prediction on your trade.

Now, the final few steps to enjoy effortless leverage trading:

  1. Select your preferred exposure to the underlying (0.1, 1 or 2 ETH in this example).

  2. Confirm the premium you will pay.

  3. Place a Long Call to bet that ETH will go up from current price.

  4. Place a Long Put to bet that ETH will go down.

  • You will now be prompted with a few signatures to enable your peer-to-peer trade.

  • Congratulation, you have now placed your Degen Options trade!

  • You can now view your live trade’s profitability like this.

  • Navigating to your Positions Tab, you can also view your multiple live positions like this.

  • Navigating to your History Tab, you can view your past positions and all relevant statistics.

  • If you click on the share icon next to Gross Profit, you will be able to see a PnL screenshot of your past trades and share it on your socials.

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