EVM Scenario

Jasper Vault relies on ERC-4337 to construct its entire C2C option trading system. Let 's make a scenario where Alice is an option writer/seller and Bob is an option holder/buyer. Both of them can execute option transactions through Jasper Vault.

As an option writer, Alice first connects her wallet and creates a Jasper Vault using ERC-4337, which belongs to her. The option's structure and details are stored in a smart contract, and the option is listed.

As an option holder, Bob connects his wallet and creates his own Jasper Vault using ERC-4337. Bob can then view and purchase the listed options.

When put or call options are made, the underlying assets are locked into the respective vaults. Upon reaching the settlement stage, the underlying assets are unlocked. Bob has various conditions to consider when deciding whether to exercise the options. For more settlement conditions, you may refer to this below:

If Bob decides to exercise the option, he pays the premium to unlock the underlying assets and receives the profit, which is transferred to his wallet.

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