Expiration and Settlement

All Degen Option positions utilize European settlement and will auto-settle exactly 8 hours after the position has been opened. All call positions pay out in spot (ETH or BTC) while put positions pay out in Tether (USDT). After auto-settlement, all profits can be seen in the Asset Tab under Vault.

What is your max loss?

Since options give you the right, but not the obligation to buy or sell, the most you will ever lose is the option potocol that you initially paid.

What is your max upside?

If the position expires In-the-money(ITM), your max upside is unlimited less the options potocol.

Are gas fees on Degen Options subsidized?

Yes! In order to open a position on Degen Options, users have to sign a total of 4 transactions. After the initial transaction to approve the spending amount, the remaining 3 transactions are subsidized by JasperVault!

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