Order Process and Signature Steps

  1. Authorize Asset Access: The user authorizes the Vault to access assets from their EOA. This initial signature grants the Vault permission to handle the assets necessary for the transaction.

  2. Transfer of Protocol fee to Vault: Following authorization, the user signs a transaction to transfer the protocol fee from their EOA to the Vault.

  3. Create Position Vault: The user then signs off on the creation of a Position Vault, which is a dedicated Vault where the specific details of their options position are maintained.

  4. Submit Order to Seller: Finally, the user signs the order submission to the seller. This formalizes the intent to enter into an options contract under the agreed terms and protocol fee.

If the user has enough money in the Vault to pay the protocol fee when placing an order, only the 3rd and 4th steps of signing are needed; otherwise, the full 4 steps are always required.

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