Brand Logo & Guidelines

Here’s how to use Jasper Vault brand elements:

Jasper Vault Branding

Our brand concept is inspired by the Bitcoin vault, symbolizing two circles opening the door to opportunities, embodying the core values of harmony, equality, and fairness. The sleek design conveys speed and efficiency, complementing Jasper Vault's commitment to security and usability in the blockchain space. Our goal is to continually surpass expectations, creating more possibilities for users and making the blockchain world more open, secure, and inclusive.

Brand Logo Guidelines

Jasper Vault logo and brand elements are copyrighted materials that can only be used in accordance with the guidelines detailed below.

When Using Jasper Vault Brand Elements:

✅ You may link it to our official website, social media channels or products.

✅ You may use it to announce an official partnership with approval from Jasper Vault team.

❌ Do not edit, change, recolor, or reconfigure any of Jasper Vault brand elements.

❌ Do not use Jasper Vault brand elements for publicity of your own product without explicit consent from Jasper Vault team.

With all that said, please feel free to reach out to if you have any questions on use of our Brand Elements.

Download Jasper Vault Logo & Brand Elements

Please do not edit, distort, recolor, or reconfigure the Jasper Vault logo. The horizontal logo is the primary version and should be used as the default.

Alternative Logos

Logo Mark


Adequate clear space should be left around the logo so that it appears prominent.



Download Jasper Vault Brand Assets

Please adhere to these guidelines when featuring Jasper Vault in marketing communications, such as advertising, articles, websites, and printed materials.

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