Oracle - Pyth

Real-Time Price Fetching and Option Pricing

Pyth Oracle Integration:

Jasper Vault retrieves the current asset prices from Pyth Oracle using the API endpoint: Pyth API provides real-time market prices essential for accurate option valuation.

Pricing Model Integration:

With the latest market prices obtained from Pyth Oracle, Jasper Vault then applies the pricing models to calculate fair option prices.

Order Placement:

Leveraging these calculated prices and the latest data from Pyth Oracle, Jasper Vault presents these options to users, enabling them to place option orders.

Automated Execution of Option Contracts on Expiry

Monitoring and Execution on Expiry:

When a user places an order for options, the Jasper Vault contract accesses the corresponding underlying asset prices from Pyth Oracle to determine whether the options should be exercised.

Automatic Execution:

If the conditions specified in the option contract are met at the time of expiry (e.g., the asset's price has risen for a call option), Jasper Vault automatically executes the option contract.

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