Trading Process

Jasper employs a unique trading process that exemplifies our hybrid decentralized model:

  1. Price Acquisition: Users begin their trading journey on Jasper’s platform by viewing the latest option protocol fees, fetched in real-time from our centralized pricing service. This ensures that all potential trades are based on the most current and accurate financial data.

  2. Initiating a Trade: When a user decides to buy an option, they interact with Jasper's dApp, which displays the necessary protocol fee information. If the buyer agrees to the price, they can initiate a trade directly through the dApp.

  3. Order Processing: Once the order is submitted, it is picked up by a centralized listening service, which is responsible for notifying a representative of the seller. This centralized component acts swiftly to validate the signed price data included in the order.

  4. Trade Confirmation and Settlement: After validating the price signature, the seller agrees to the trade, and the transaction moves forward. The actual exchange of assets—facilitated by smart contracts—is conducted entirely on-chain. This ensures that the final settlement is secure and immutable.

  5. Post-Trade: If the buyer chooses not to exercise their option by the expiration date, the assets locked in the smart contract are safely returned to the seller, concluding the transaction with no obligations unmet.

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